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Começo de ano perfeito para veículos elétricos e híbridos no Brasil.

Em colaboração com Bright Consulting.

- crescimento de 375% comparando com janeiro de 2019; 
- vendas em crescimento acompanhando o último trimestre 2019, com híbridos gerando 96% das vendas da categoria (Carros Elétricos).
- híbridos: Toyota Motor Corp. líder absoluto em janeiro 2020;
- elétricos: diferentes marcas no Top 5.

Registrations and licensing of electric and hybrid vehicles Brazil January 2020:
Hybrid and electric vehicles have continued the high growth figures as registered during the last quarter of 2019. 

Hybrid sales January 2020 were up almost 400% compared to January 2019, adding up to around 1.500 pieces. In 2019, it took over 5 months to reach the same volume... 

Electric vehicles for January 2020 demonstrating 130% growth versus the same month in 2019, with absolute volumes still being modest also comparing to hybrid vehicles. On the other hand, it took more than 3 months for 2019 volumes to reach the same volume of January 2020.  

We expect that over the next months we will see an additional increase in 100% electric vehicle volumes, driven by a general interest for electric vehicles, the picking up of the economy and availability to the general- and business market of models such as the JAC iEV20. But absolute volumes we expect to stay modest when comparing to hybrid volumes.

Absolute numbers of hybrid and electric models are still low when comparing to normal combustion engine vehicles, but a good momentum for hybrid and electric vehicles has been noted over the last semester and we are convinced this to only increase going forward. 

The Top 5 registered/ licensed hybrid vehicles for January 2020 are: 
1. Toyota Corolla (634 vehicles). 
2. Toyota RAV4 (593 vehicles). The RAV4 showing record high monthly volume in January 2020.
3. Volvo XC60 (69 vehicles).
4. Porsche Cayenne (48 vehicles).
5. Lexus UX250H (48 vehicles).

In the Top 5, 3 vehicles from the Toyota Motor Corp. (the owner of Toyota and Lexus),the overall share of the company adding up to about 88% of total hybrid vehicles sold in Brazil for January 2020. 

In the Top 5, the Porsche Cayenne is also doing well with 48 vehicles sold. 

The Toyota Prius, in January 2019 the absolute leader in the hybrid sales is not appearing in the Top 5 anymore, which could be impacted by the success of the hybrid version of the Corolla that was launched in 2019.

The Top 5 registered/ licensed electric vehicles January 2020 are:
1. Renault Zoe (12 vehicles) 
2. Renault Kangoo (9 vehicles).
3. JAC iEV40 (9 vehicles) 
4. Jaguar I Pace (8 vehicles). 
5. BMW i3 (6 vehicles).

At we are excited with the start of 2020 for hybrid and electric vehicle volumes and we remain optimistic that 2020 will be a true turning point for the implementation of hybrid and 100% electric vehicles in Brazil! 

For full details and data of vehicle registration / licensing, we refer to our partner Bright Consulting (

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