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Emplacamento de veículos elétricos e híbridos - 3º Trimestre 2019

Em colaboração com Bright Consulting.

- veículos híbridos e elétricos em pleno crescimento em 2019, 3º trimestre com crescimento exponencial;
- introdução de vários novos modelos em 2019, atenção da mídia e demanda do mercado gerando aceleração positiva para os híbridos e elétricos;
- híbridos: Toyota Motor Corp. líder no mercado em 2019;
- elétricos: várias marcas no Top 5.

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Registrations and licensing of electric and hybrid vehicles Brazil 2019:
Hybrid and electric vehicles have been showing strong growth figures during 2019, with Q3 showing exponential increases for both categories. 

Absolute numbers are still very modest when comparing to normal combustion engine vehicles (<0,5%), but there appears to be developing a good momentum for hybrid and electric vehicles. 

In our view this momentum is a combination of the launch of some interesting hybrid and electric vehicles during 2019 in combination with growing media and market interest for these vehicle categories. 

We noted this specific attention as from the ´Salão de Automóvel de São Paulo 2018' and we expect the current acceleration to keep gaining force. This based on recent launches of different hybrid and electric vehicles that should normally result in additional sales volumes going forward. 

In the near future more car manufacturers will be launching hybrid and electric vehicles, so we believe ´the only way is up´ with regards to these categories, as we can see in a several other countries.  

From the growth graphs on hybrid and electric vehicles one can conclude that hybrid vehicles both in absolute and % growth are outperforming electric vehicles taking 2016 as a base, but electric vehicle YOY growth in 2019 (mainly based on high Q3 2019 volumes) clearly taking the lead.

The Top 5 registered/ licensed hybrid vehicles YTD Q3 2019 are: 
1. Toyota RAV4 (1.631 vehicles). Generating volumes as per Q2 2019.
2. Toyota Prius (717 vehicles).
3. Volvo XC60 (535 vehicles).
4. Lexus NX300H (418 vehicles).
5. Toyota Corolla (376 vehicles). Generating volumes as per Q3 2019.

In the Top 5, 4 vehicles from the Toyota Motor Corp. (that owns Toyota and Lexus).

The Top 5 registered/ licensed electric vehicles YTD Q3 2019 are:
1. Chery Arrizo 5e (130 vehicles). Car got officially launched in October 2019. Please note that until now sales are B-to-B and sales to final consumers start January 2020. 
2. Renault Zoe (67 vehicles). Generating volumes as per Q2 2019.
3. Jaguar I Pace (59 vehicles). Generating volumes as per Q2 2019.
4. BMW i3 (56 vehicles).
5. Nissan Leaf (33 vehicles). Generating volumes as per Q2 2019.

The above in our view demonstrating that the recently introduced vehicles are doing extremely well and are stimulating the momentum we mentioned above.

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